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Dive mask


The Try Dive

If you’ve never dived before, come down to RSAC for a try dive where you will experience scuba diving under the supervision of one of our instructors in the safety of the swimming pool.  The first time you breathe underwater is an experience to remember – and you will be surprised by just how much fun it is. The try dive fee is £20.



Our equipment team will provide you with all the scuba gear you need. You will be introduced to your instructor who will give you a briefing on what you will be doing in the pool, explain how to use the equipment (and how to get into it), and show you the signals used to communicate underwater.

What do I need to bring with me?

You should bring normal swimwear and towel and also a T-shirt to wear in the water.  Your equipment is designed to be worn with a wetsuit, so a T-shirt will make you more comfortable. If you already have a wetsuit, we suggest you bring it with you.


If you wear contact lenses and do not want to risk losing them, then it is safer not to wear them in the water. Of course, you can wear them if you need to at your own risk. Finally, we recommend something to tie your hair back with, should you have long hair.


Where & when do try dives take place?

These take place on select Wednesday evenings at Pools on the Park, Richmond.  It is a short walk from Richmond Station. There is a car park and the 490 bus stops right outside. You should arrive by 8:30pm to sort out the pre-dive preparations. 


Are there any restrictions?

For your safety, and the safety of others, we ask you to sign a medical and responsibility declaration before the try dive.


Minimum age is 12 years.  If you are under 16, you must be accompanied by a parent/responsible adult. Download our Safeguarding Policy.

To book just drop us a line or use the form below.


Minimum age is 12 years. If

you are under 16, you must

be accompanied by a parent

or responsible adult. Download

our Safeguarding Policy.

The try dive fee is £20.

Try Dive.

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Try diver having fun.
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