Further Qualifications & Skill Development

What else can I do apart from standard courses?

Already got Sports Diver, Ocean Diver & Dive Leader and want to progress further? Whilst the above represent the core of training qualifications, we teach and learn most of the additional BSAC Skill Development Courses in the table below too.

Our experienced and certified dive instructors are passionate about sharing their love for diving while ensuring your safety at all times.

A diver practicing the buoyancy trim
There's so much more to do and learn to progress your diving adventures

The club also runs regular talks on smaller topics such as Save-A-Dive Kits, Kit maintenance, Knots for Divers & others.

Recently, our club members have enjoyed:

  • AED
  • Boat Handling
  • Buoyancy & Trim
  • Drysuit Training (this is core to what we do)
  • First Aid for Divers
  • Nitrox Workshop
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Wreck Appreciation
  • Marine Life Appreciation
  • Accelerated Decompression Procedures
  • Dive Planning & Management
  • Primary Donate Workshop
  • Twinset Diver
  • Side-mount Diver

Additionally we have an active tech-diving community including Twinset, Side-mount, CCR, Cave, Wreck & ADP Divers.

A dark and moody shot of underwater rocksA diver following a line through a wreck
A diver descending towards a wreck at the bottom of a sea

Want to learn how to dive and enjoy the underwater world?

Everyone's journey in diving is a little bit different, depending on your level of past experience and comfort around water.

If you’re keen to learn to dive, this is a prefect place to start. Whenever you're new to diving and want to book a try dive or need a scuba refreshment, RSAC is here to help you.

Two young divers sitting on the edge of a boat over the sea, getting ready for their jump.