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Cardiff BSAC Tidal Curves

These graphs are provided as an aid to dive planning. It is the responsibility of the dive manager to obtain correct tide and weather information for any site you wish to dive.

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RSAC Diving Programme 2024

Our list of events and activities for the year 2024.

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Shipping forecast and gale warnings

The Met Office shipping forecast and gale warnings for the whole of the UK.

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Monty Mariner Tidal stream charts

The tidal stream charts for Portland, Dorset. This is where we do most of our RIB diving from.

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Navionics Webapp

Boating charts provided by a Garmin company, Navionics. Showing Portland, Dorset.

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Windguru Portland Harbour

Detailed live weather and environmental conditions of Portland, Dorset.

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BVM Demo video

A quick run-through of how to deploy the BVM for ventilating a casualty.

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FAQ Dive medicine Ollie Firth

Oli is Medical Director
of London Diving Chamber
and has considerable
experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all diving-
related medical conditions.

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UKDMC Recreational Diving Medical Declaration

New divers should not commence diving training and existing divers should not dive until they have
completed this medical declaration or had a medical examination confirming fitness to dive.

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