First Sea Dive

May 30, 2019

19 May trip report: Having been introduced to the workings of the RIB on dry land it was time to try the real thing.

First impression was that the RIB wasn’t very big! Previous introduction had involved 5 people and no equipment, and it felt small then, now upped to 6 divers plus cox! Fortunately most knew exactly how to efficiently stow all equipment. In less time than it took to wonder how to help it had all been done. Wanting to help but not knowing how (and keeping out of the way) was a challenge. The occasional “Anything I can do?" plus confidence that if there was anything you could do you would be asked!

The diving? Piece of cake!  Calm water, hint of sun, steady cox, and experienced, patient and very considerate buddies made for a great first sea dive. I even saw quite a bit of marine life in the not so murky waters – though thankfully missed the jellyfish. And I think I should add that the water was just about warm enough for a 7mm wetsuit.

A jellyfish in the sea.
A jellyfish out in the sea.