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From beginner to experienced diver, Richmond Sub-Aqua Club provides a full training programme that enables divers to progress through a framework of qualifications at their own pace.

1. BSAC Diver Grades
There are five internationally-recognised BSAC diver grades: Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and First Class Diver. Richmond Sub-Aqua Club provides training and, ultimately, certifications all the way up to Advanced Diver level. Training to become a First Class Diver is done at a national level directly under BSAC instruction. 

Ocean Diver 
You will learn to dive on this entry level course. Max depth 20m. The OD qualification is the equivalent of PADI's Open Water + Advanced Open Water qualifications combined, but with added modules on Nitrox and rescue skills.

Sports Diver 
This course teaches you to rely less on a dive guide or instructor and to dive with a buddy who has similar experience to you. Some new skills are introduced and depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 35m after qualifying. 

Dive Leader 
Dive Leader training covers responsibilities and safety of planning dives and leading other divers. Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 50m after qualifying. 

Advanced Diver 
Divers gain experience in planning dives at different sites and different circumstances. Additional experience will be gained in using small boats, chartwork. navigation and many other related skills. 

2. Training

In addition to diver training we offer a wide range of Skill Develop-

ment Courses (SDCs). Download the chart.


BSAC Training Progression Chart 2022 3D.png

Already a diver and want to train for the next diver grade or learn new skills? Our instructors are ready to help. Are you a scuba diver certified by PADI or any other agency? Not a problem.


To find out about RSAC membership click here.


Under the BSAC system, Richmond Sub-Aqua Club (RSAC) recognises core diving qualifications from most other scuba diving agencies. In the majority of cases members are able to dive to the limits stipulated by their original diving qualification. 

By continuing your training with RSAC your existing qualification would simply be matched to the nearest BSAC equivalent. And from there you will progress your training. See the table below

For BSAC's equivalency chart download it here.

To enquire about training and qualifications just send us a message using the form below.

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