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We're Training - Vobster B&T and Stealth

Open water training is in full flow. Here are a couple of reports from RSAC divers enjoying Vobster Quay.

Vobster 9th August. Report by Agnieszka.

Vobster Quay
Vobster Quay

To finish off my week full of diving adventures in the St Abbs & Eyemouth Marine Reserve I went to Vobster on Sunday 9th Aug with Chris for the Buoyancy and Trim Workshop to check my skills before doing my ADP (Accelerated Decompression Procedures) training.

I'm very proud of having achieved the Black standard (the top grade followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze). I do recommend this training for any diver wishing to achieve full control in the water. Following the B&T session we went for a fun dive so I could see all attractions on my first visit to Vobster. Many thanks!

Vobster perch
Vobster perch

Vobster 24th July. Report by Guilhem.

Vobster rebreather diving
Vobster rebreather diving

Chris, Graham and I went to Vobster on Friday 24th July for a spot of stealth diving.

They run a very slick operation (Vobster, not Chris and Graham) despite the challenges of COVID-19. All the usual services (except the changing rooms & showers) are available with just a few adjustments, like pre-booking sessions, wearing facemask in the shop, and a one way system around the shop, burger van and gas shed.

The water was a toasty 18 at the surface and a chilly 9 at 20m. Viz varied from 10m at the surface to less than 2m at the bottom. And the lack of divers had left the whole place covered in a strange, green weed in the shallows that made everything a bit eerie!

We went to do some rebreather practice (so that’s why it was a secret), and so there was plenty of faffing with O-rings, batteries and various bits of plastic or metal having to be replaced or adjusted. But despite that Chris and I managed two hours of bubble free dive time across three dives (Graham a bit less, see mention about O-rings and faffing!)

We managed to visit all the usual wrecks of boats, helicopter, caravan, airplane and the odd car... A good day out was had and a very useful session of skills practice.

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