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We're Diving - St Abbs and Eyemouth

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Report by Agnieszka.

St Abbs
St Abbs

Located just on the Scottish border the St Abbs & Eyemouth Marine Reserve offers fantastic diving opportunities to divers of all levels. Cat, Andrew C and I took full advantage.

We did 8 dives at depths ranging from 9m to 30m, including the famous Cathedral Rock with its unique double archway. The dramatic coastline gives opportunity to dive through submarine tunnels and canyons, kelp forests, cliffs covered in soft corals, anemones, hydroids and tunicates.

The sea is full of life: Angler fish, ballan wrasse, ling, lions mane jelly fish, plaice, conger, pillow star, brittle star nursery, mauve stinger jellyfish, sea urchins, fried egg nudibranch (thanks Andrew for this list) and one underwater spider I had never seen before.

And the seals! We were lucky to be taken to the seal colony area, which is normally not on the dive sites list in order to protect them from overcrowding. Another highlight of the trip was a dive on the Glanmire wreck – a 20th century merchant vessel lying at about 30m depth, all covered in “dead man’s fingers” and plumose anemones. Stunning!

Here are a few delightful sources with plenty of photos:

- St Abbs & Eyemouth - Lawson Wood X-Ray Magazine Issue 64 - Jan 2015

- St Abbs & Eyemouth - SCUBA Mag - Jan 2018

- The St. Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve website

Playful seal
Playful seal

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