Our Girls Can Dive!

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

At the AGM at the end of January new Chairman, John K, mentioned in his acceptance speech that he was particularly pleased to be presiding over a dive club with such a high proportion of female members.

Melissa on the RIB in glorious weather.

About 40% of RSAC's members are girls. Nationwide this proportion is around 25%.

Apart from the obvious fact that a gender balanced club is just more fun to be a member of, John mentioned a few other reasons why it is a great advantage to have female members:

+ Female divers are better at multitasking/task loading - a great asset underwater

+ Female divers physiologically just have more efficient gas consumption

+ Female divers are more risk averse, ie not as likely to be diving beyond their limits

Whilst scuba kit can be heavy above water a diver's strength has little value underwater. Once in the water it is all about skill, composure and decision making.

So there you have it: If you are a girl and would like to learn to dive, you'll be in good company at Richmond Sub-Aqua Club.

Oh, and our Diving Officer is a girl!

Fee, our Diving Officer, in full rebreather kit.
Girls getting ready on the RIB in Portland Marina.


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qualified and accredited by BSAC to provide scuba training and internationally recognised scuba diving certifications. We welcome new members from the age of 14 years. All members of Richmond Sub-Aqua Club are automatically also members of BSAC.

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