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Jurassic Summer Diving

Now the autumn rains have arrived we share, belatedly, Howard's report from a late August RIB trip to the glorious Jurassic Coast.

Friday 28th Aug - after the storms earlier in the week, this was the first time we got out into Weymouth Bay. Single dive on the Alex van Opstal - 30m depth and 3-4m viz, much better than anywhere near the harbour.

A challenging 2m long-period residual swell from the storms, but divers Martin, Cecilia, Reg and Howard all had a great dive. The Queen Mary 2 cruise liner (along with others) is anchored up in Weymouth Bay at the moment, so on the way home we drove past for a closer look.

Saturday 29th Aug - another sunny day and less swell although a bracing 22kt northerly wind. Divers Reg, Matteo, Andrew & Cat each did two dives: the Bombardon in the Bay at 15m, and the Binnendijk at 27m, with a very pleasant surface-interval lunch while anchored up in the shelter of Lulworth Cove. Good viz again with 3-4m.

Unfortunately the shot got stuck in the Binnendijk and we were unable to recover it. This recalled a scene from the famous "Touching the Void" real-life drama of Joe Simpson, who broke his leg during the descent from a really challenging peak, then slipped again held only by the rope and his climbing buddy Simon Yates. Simon had to cut the line to save himself, not knowing that Joe had survived. Reg reprised the role of Simon Yates, and no doubt our shot survived as well, although it has not yet returned to base camp. Our replacement shot should be Christened "Joe".   [The evidence is attached to this email in a photo I didn't send].

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