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Nemo 33 in Brussels

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Let’s get one minor moan out of the way first - despite advertising itself as ”33m and 33 degrees”, the deepest Sam and I could get our dive computers to read was 32.6m - and that was by sticking our hands down a tube I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to...!

The combination of intriguing YouTube videos and cheap flights and accommodation found by David B meant booking this trip was a “no-brainer”. After a quick train trip and tram ride from the airport, we were having our briefing and kitting up at Nemo very soon after landing.

(Photo c/o Matteo)

We were lucky as we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Everyone many a beeline for the 33m (32.6m!) shaft, touched the bottom, then made their way up - slowly! - to explore the tunnel and shelf at 6m.

We occupied ourselves during the safety stop by finning past the various windows and waving at the disappointingly indifferent customers at Nemo’s cafe. After about 40 minutes the flashing lights and bell were our cue to get out.

As we all know, 24 hours between diving and flying! So how do 14 divers occupy themselves on a Saturday night in Brussels? Well what goes on tour stays on tour I’m afraid...

Nemo is unique and a fun way to practice buoyancy, controlling your rate of ascent and - of course - having a bit of a “goof around” underwater. Highly recommended!

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