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Dolphins and Detectors

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Howard Cook and I joined Cameron Cromwell and others from both Aldershot and Teddington SAC on the Wey Chieftain 4 this weekend for two days diving as part of the continuing Dorset Shipwreck Project. The weather, mainly the wind, only allowed for one dive per day on the 'Brandy Wreck' and none on the 'Alexander'. We managed to complete our planned survey work on the 'Brandy Wreck' but there's lots more still to be done on future trips.

However, we did get a second dive in each day and on our way back to harbour on Saturday we were joined by two playful dolphins who were enjoying a feast of a massive shoal of barrel jellyfish which floated past our boat. The dolphins display lasted about 20 minutes and included then breaching, spinning and slapping the water - we presumed as part of their (jelly)fishing routine. They certainly got their fill of jellies us we got an unexpected and wonderful show.

#2019 #Hardboat #Wrecks #DorsetShipwreckProject

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