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'SCAPA' Magazine Available for Free

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

BSAC makes the Special issue of SCUBA magazine, SCAPA, available to all for free.

A special commemorative ‘SCAPA’ edition of BSAC’s member magazine SCUBA has been made available to all divers, and everyone who loves the underwater world, to help mark the centenary of the scuttling of the German High Fleet.

A digital version of April’s SCUBA – renamed SCAPA, is now available to all to read online. By making the special issue widely accessible to all, BSAC hopes to raise awareness of and participation in this year’s historic milestone.

Go to the digital version -> SCAPA Magazine here

The 21st June 2019 sees 100 years since the German High Fleet was deliberately scuttled by its own officers in the natural harbour of Scapa Flow, off Orkney. Scapa is now one of the world’s most iconic wreck diving destinations and the coming months will see a host of special events, projects and dive trips to the mark the centenary.

Intended as an inspiring in-depth guide to the centenary of the scuttling and showcase the amazing Flow wreck sites that both sport and technical divers can enjoy, ‘SCAPA’ is packed full of detail about the sites, the background to the sinking as well interviews with the people who are at the heart of the Scapa diving community today.

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