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Fun Night 2018

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

14 intrepid participants formed a record attendance for some silly underwater challenges at Pools on the Park. Thanks to everyone for being so game, and to the poolside support team for keeping the ping pong balls out of the pool intakes! Some highlights:

Obstacle Course was as entertaining as ever. Boisterous blokes got extremely keen towards the end, and Mike will spend his Christmas holidays mending the equipment. As in previous years, the new trainees showed impressive skills with Hardeep and Tom getting full marks, and Tom receiving bonus points for doing it without a mask!

Regulator of Death proved more challenging than intended as the "wet-breathe" became a flood of pool water!

The Mask of Doom proved easier to deal with. Impressive incident management by Sasha & Niall and John & Tom were noted.

Get Your Kit Off! proved to be highly entertaining, as everyone grappled with de-kitting and re-kitting themselves underwater. Laura's technique impressed judge Don and Guilhem's fins proved rather lively and somewhat buoyant!

Ball & Spoon Challenge again proved far too easy (or our participants too adept). The organisers will need to downsize the spoons and upsize the balls for next year (again!). Did any of you try to do one in each hand, or without a mask?

Polaris Pong was the subject of intense concentration by some participants and the only activity for which we can report proper scores. Joint runners up, each with a combined score of 6 were Laura & Janet, Sasha & Niall and Sam & Adam; the winning pair with a score of 8 were Leo & Thanos. Highest individual score was by Don (a non-participant) with an impressive solo score of 8 out of 10 - skill or luck!?

Most of us then retired to the Sun Inn for a post-event debrief - another record attendance: 17 for a Monday night social. Well done and thanks to all for making the Fun Night such fun!

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