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Report from our Sweden Correspondent

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Yesterday I went on my first dive since arriving here. It was amazing and I think RSAC should do a trip to Sweden. I was in the Baltic very close to Stockholm so there is quite a lot of boat traffic.

It is wetsuit weather at the moment but it gets really cold later in the year. It turns out the Baltic is a brilliant place for wrecks because they had a lot of naval battles here. It’s relatively shallow but not very wavy, pretty cold and brackish water. Not much lives in that environment so wooden wrecks do not rot.

Even at Ocean Diver depths there are relatively intact wooden wrecks more than 150 years old. You can still see some of the detail in the carvings. There are quite a few wrecks near Stockholm around 30m which are more than 300 years old and still preserved and they’re discovering new wrecks relatively regularly.

Perfect trip for next year!

Good info site: MARITIME MUSEUM

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