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Fun Night lived up to its name

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The hours of planning and preparation paid off, the pool was transformed with obstacles, challenges – and the regulator of death. After a thorough briefing twelve brave souls were ready to compete, against diverse difficulties and each other.

The first challenge, of swimming the length of the pool without the aid of fins, seemed easy enough - once a safe way to carry the large and cumbersome items had been found. Wearing them on hands rather than feet was a clear mistake. How easily an important and useful piece of equipment becomes a hindrance.

Having managed that, albeit in more time than anticipated and with rather more effort, the next challenge required careful manoeuvring through 7 hoops. Set up by Mike, the challenge advantaged the ‘slighter’ members of the group. Those less ‘slight’ demonstrated their skill in removing their scuba equipment to get through the smallest hoop – then even greater skill in putting it back on once through. Not an easy thing to do – well done those who managed. And thank you to those who provided a very entertaining spectacle trying. Shying away from a technical solution some thought speed was the answer, thankfully Mike was on hand to disentangle.

Set up by Howard, the third challenge was a version of ‘drop the balls in the bucket’, or rather float the balls up to the bucket. Those with little patience attempted to bend the rules by bringing the bucket to the balls – and bombarding it en masse. As ever, skill won out and those who patiently fed the balls with steady hand and breathing reaped their rewards! (Melissa 7 out of 10 / Clive 0 out of 10)

The next challenge, egg and spoon race (or rather ping pong ball and spoon race in this case), was completed under the eagle eye of Janet. The need to retrieve any lost ball from the surface – and start again – forced all to adopt perfect finning action.

Watch out those who attempt this challenge in the future, Howard felt all did rather too well; the spoon may be replaced by a teaspoon – or even a fork!

Finally, Don was lurking in the shallows with the ‘regulator of death’. The combination of a leaky valve letting in water, and an interrupted supply of air was almost enough to finish all off – some were forced to retire to the Sun to restore themselves.

A brilliant night, perfect combination of fear, fun and skill.

Great credit to the organisers – lets push for another one soon!

#Funnight #Pool

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