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Rescue Management Scenarios at Wraysbury

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

True to its reputation Wraysbury yesterday, Sunday 21st, provided the subtropical setting for a small group of RSAC divers (Marjolein, Dave H, Carole, Guilhem and Henrik) taking part in the one-day Rescue Management Scenarios module forming part of the Dive Leader course. Somehow the business of 'saving lives' seems an easier challenge with mercury above 20 and the sun on your back!

Subtropical Wraysbury.

The day was organised by Marjolein (lead instructor) and Dave (co-instructor and 'casualty') with Carole performing various 'casualty' roles and Guilhem and Henrik being put through their paces as the two rescue managers (DL trainees). The event had been greatly prepared to involve Guilhem and Henrik submitting written thoughts on various scenarios in readiness for the day to the setting up of an imaginary RIB on a raised platform in the parking lot at Wraysbury.

On the 'RIB'.

We ran through four scenarios, with the ones involving the 'RIB' taking most of the time available. Emphasis was on rescue MANAGEMENT and very little time spent on practical BLS etc. As it transpired there's a lot to learn and practise just attempting to make the right decisions.

In the bad decisions department we had a couple standing out: "let's see if they can make it to the shore" (two divers surfacing, one of them unconscious), and "go at full speed to the diver in distress" (and in the process sailing straight over the diver buddy having also just surfaced).

Dave had to go on magic gas when Henrik recounted what went wrong...

Having now done the RM Scenarios event thrice (once as a SD trainee 'casualty' and twice as a DL trainee) it was a real eye opener having to deal with the added, simulated complexity of managing a rescue from a small boat in open water. We all agreed that the next RM Scenarios event should involve an actual RIB, either at Portland or on the Thames.

Many thanks to Marjolein, Dave and Carole for giving up their time on a sunny Sunday! An excellent event.

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