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Welcome Saskia and Clive, re-Welcome Niall

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Welcome to two of our newest members: Saskia and Clive! Also welcome back as a full diving member Niall.


Saskia Halman

Why have you joined the club?

I joined the club because learning to dive was my latest birthday present.

What would you like to achieve/get out off joining the club?

I would like to achieve ocean diver and have fun learning a new skill.

What is you occupation?

I am a final year fashion student.

What are your hobbies outside of the club?

I only have time for uni work outside of the club haha.

Where is your dream location to dive?

Dream location to dive would be Australia.

Provide a random/interesting fact about you?

I used to do cheerleading before starting diving.


Clive Butcher

Why have you joined the club?

To learn to dive! I like to holiday in different places and enjoy snorkeling, so diving is a good next step.

What is you occupation?

Reinsurance broker.

Where is your dream location to dive?

The Great Barrier Reef while I still can!


Niall Elder

Why have you joined the club?

It feels like I've never left! I have been part of the club since the early 90s and after a year away have returned to the area. It's been great to seeing friends and I want to join the annual club pilgrimage to dive the Zenobia in Cyprus.

Your favourite dive so far?

Ningaloo Reef on the west coast of Australia because of the number of whale sharks.

Where is your dream location to dive?

Papua New Guinea for the sharks and unspoilt nature.

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