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BSAC Ocean Diver Course

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, this course is for you. It is for beginners and provides the essential knowledge, skills and practice needed to begin open water diving. The Ocean Diver (OD) Course prepares for this in the safety of our pool (deep end: 3.6m/12ft) and progresses the training to open water in a controlled, safe manner. 


To begin OD training you must be 14 years or older. If you are under 16 years old you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is also an RSAC memberDownload our
Safeguarding Policy. A basic level of comfort in the water is important and you will have to demonstrate that you are able to swim 200m.


Ocean Diver Course elements
When you sign up for the OD course you will be given a pack which contains all the learning materials required. The Course has three main stages:

  1. Six theory lessons with continuous assessment on the basic principles of scuba diving.

  2. Five sheltered water dives to learn the basics in the water (usually in the pool).

  3. Four open water dives to further develop your scuba diving skills. If possible, one or more of the open water dives will be off our club RIB, on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset.


Fun and friendship
Learning to dive is a life changing experience for many people. Breathing underwater in the ocean for the first time is something you will never forget and the experience of learning with others is great fun. Your instructor will look after you every step of the way.


Ocean Diver qualification
A BSAC Ocean Diver is defined as a scuba diver who is competent to conduct open water dives with other suitably qualified divers:

  • to a maximum depth of 20m,

  • using Nitrox 32 and 36 gas mixes. 


Diving kit for the OD Course
For the duration of the OD course RSAC will provide you with cylinder, regulator, depth & pressure gauges, weights and BCD (buoyancy control device). It is important that dive mask and fins fit you perfectly, so it would be better to buy those items yourself.


For the open water dives you will require an exposure suit (dry/wet), hood and gloves. We will give you advice on where to buy/hire these items. For training in the pool you will only need a T-shirt (if you don't have a wetsuit) to make it comfortable wearing all the kit. 

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70% of the planet is covered by water. The amazing marine world is waiting to be explored and BSAC's

Ocean Diver (OD) Course is your entry ticket. Simply join us and begin your training.


BSAC is frequently regarded as being the most respected system in the world for training recreatio-nal scuba divers.


The fee for the OD Course is only £200 plus RSAC's annual membership fee. Club membership offers a host of benefits and access to many resources.


The OD certification is the equivalent to PADI's Open Water and Advanced Open Water diver grades combined.


Once qualified as an Ocean Diver you can go diving on RSAC trips and anywhere in the world using your internationally-qualified OD certification.

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Rescue training in the pool.
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